Pica8 Network Platform: Download Trial Available Now

Networking practitioners and engineers curious about the Pica8 Network Platform can now download and test our products, consisting of the AmpCon Network Controller and the PicOS-V Virtual Software Switch. The Pica8 Network Platform is a turnkey solution that can help automate and manage switch deployment onto any standard white-box networking hardware. The Pica8 Network Platform is free to download, with no license or hardware needed to test the applications.

The EVPN-VXLAN Tunnel of Love Part 3: Meet My Lovely Assistant

In our last episode, we saw just how easy it was to cast a little spell with some “point-and-click” magic and have AmpCon turn some Jinja-ly auto-magically populated Jinja code into Wizard-driven menus, with your newly found Pica8 Wizardry skills. Well….now it’s time to do what all great and…