Pica8 Zero Touch Provisioning for Bare Metal Switches in Remote Branches


This blog gives an overview of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), how to setup Pica8’s AmpCon Network Controller for ZTP and Pica8’s ZTP process sequence for a group of bare metal switches in remote branches.


Push-Button ZTP Overview

Business Problems Associated with Deploying New Switches in Remote Branches

ZTP Pica8 LogosThe idea of zero touch provisioning (ZTP) systems in the networking world exists to address the following business problems:

  • Scalability: Provision large numbers of switches in remote branches, distributed sites and enterprise campus networks
  • Consistency: Ensure deployment consistency across switches and locations
  • Time and effort requirements: Building and refreshing networks across the campus and distributed sites requires considerable time for mundane switch management tasks
  • Shortage of IT resources: A common mantra for enterprise network operators is to “do more with less”

AmpCon Push-Button ZTP Benefits

Pica8’s AmpCon Network Controller is the Command Center for your enterprise network. AmpCon ZTP allows automatic provisioning of bare metal switches at remote branches without any manual intervention. You ship bare metal switches to the remote location and your IT teams only need to perform simple tasks like connecting the power and network cables to the switch.

Following are AmpCon ZTP benefits:

  • Remote secure provisioning: Communication between the AmpCon server and remote location switches are encrypted. Secured remote provisioning is not offered by other vendor solutions.
  • Full configuration: Switch is configured fully as part of ZTP. There is no need for iterative configuration push.
  • IT expertise not needed: AmpCon automates the setup of network switches. Hence IT experts are not needed in the remote branch.
  • Reduce configuration errors: Switch provisioning is automated via AmpCon in a consistent manner to reduce the chance of human errors.
  • Time savings: AmpCon ZTP reduces remote switch provisioning time from 5 to 1.5 days for a block of 100 switches. 1.5 days to provision 100 switches is spent mostly on unboxing, racking and stacking the switches in their remote locations.

Click here to read the full Deployment Guide for AmpCon ZTP.

Pica8 ZTP Video Button


In summary AmpCon ZTP allows automatic provisioning of bare metal switches securely at remote branches without any manual intervention or need for IT expertise. You do not have to worry about countless mundane switch provisioning tasks for large numbers of switches. AmpCon automates mundane switch management tasks, allowing you to focus on your important projects.

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Mani Subramanian is Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Pica8