Your Network Needs A Software Update


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Your Network Needs A Software Update

In this digital age, upgrading software for your hardware devices such as cellular phones or laptop computers can sometimes be a hassle, but essential to maintain proper functions. Newly discovered usability issues, such as addressing security problems or user interface issues, can be fixed with a quick patch or sometimes a complete operating system upgrade. While occasionally a problem presents that necessitates replacing an entire device, more often than not software developers are steps ahead to mitigate potential problems.

Enterprise networking infrastructure can be similar in that service issues that present themselves can sometimes be an issue of the proper software updates. Pica8 continues to get inquiries about our enterprise software suite’s ability to service end-of-life hardware components, or other software with questionable support due to company acquisitions or shifting markets.

Hedging Equipment Shortages With Software

The introduction of new work habits and the various technologies that have become popularized during the pandemic have also created an increased awareness of the benefits of software. Remote and hybrid work culture that is now adopted as de-facto standards is increasing the need for advanced software to help manage bigger and more complex networking.

While nobody has been immune from equipment shortages introduced by the pandemic, by adopting open networking standards many enterprises can hedge their bets with multiple vendor options and configurations.

Network Management Automation and Software Defined Networks

Knowing that manpower is the most expensive asset in networking, Pica8 software is designed to maximize the network administrator’s reach. The Pica8 enterprise software suite can automate many tedious tasks in network management. Switch provisioning, configuration management and auditing from a central console in the AmpCon Network Controller makes deployment and managing large networks a simple mouse click affair.

“When networking becomes software, networking becomes invisible.”

-James Liao, founder and CTO of Pica8.

Next generation applications, IoT, and cloud scale networking projects will be dependent on networking becoming increasingly transparent and not bound by the limitations of network boxes currently on the market today.

Check out our recent presentation at Networking Field Day in Santa Clara, CA outlining next generation campus networks with IoT featuring Pica8’s enterprise software suite for automation, security, virtualization and analytics. Everything is included in a single license for a value proposition that every C-level executive will appreciate and every network operator can use.

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Kelly LeBlanc is Chief Marketing Officer for Pica8