Pica8 Enterprise Software: Network Management Simplified

Pica8 Group LogoSoftware tools for network management offer many benefits for applications of all sizes, from SMB/mid-enterprise consumers to large, Fortune-sized organizations. Since Pica8’s founding more than a decade ago, networking software remains relevant in the industry by providing simple solutions to complex networking problems.

These problems aren’t limited to complexity in networks. With our flat-fee pricing structure and product model, we try to simplify the very basic aspects of infrastructure management.

Currently, Pica8 develops two discrete software products: PicOS Switching Software, and AmpCon Network Controller. Designed to be deployed on any market standard white box networking hardware, the Pica8 enterprise software suite makes network management intuitive and efficient. Automation tools allow management at any scale, and in fact can provide increased benefits at enterprise and cloud-scale applications thru one touch management.

The Pros And Cons Of Open Networking

Over the years, white box networking has evolved from being a niche with advanced hobbyists, to a real world solution alternative. Of course, a main driver of this is basic cost. But today, the problem with supply chain in the hardware marketplace is also causing networking consumers to reconsider white box networking. Building to open standards from a variety of vendors can have the net benefit of hedging supply concerns, even while product lead times from the major vendors keep increasing.

When evaluating white box networking software, support issues can be a major hurdle for prospective customers. Often this is more a perceived problem than a real world problem. Pica8 staffs an international team of industry experts to address this issue, and is often cited by our clients as a primary reason for choosing our products. Through partnerships with leading ODM hardware vendors, Pica8 can be the sole point of contact for configuration, installation and ongoing maintenance and support for long term product ownership and service.

In The Networking Business, The Network Is The Business

Infrastructure should be complementary to your business objectives, not a hindrance. The right partner in networking will let you better align your objectives with the technologies that will enable them. Pica8 has a history of working across various industries as networking experts, and can help your organization unlock value in areas historically categorized as a necessary expense. Contact us to speak with a sales associate.

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Watch Us At Networking Field Day #28, Hosted By Gestalt IT

networking_field_day_vertPica8 will be participating once again at the Networking Field Day series of technical seminars in Santa Clara, CA. Networking Field Day is part of a series of technical seminars encompassing various tracks in the technology industry to bring together leading technology companies with industry thought leaders and delegates to provide a hands-on forum to demonstrate technologies and producst on the marketplace today. Networking Field Day is hosted by Gestalt IT, and will be livecast and recorded for future broadcasting. Please consider joining Pica8 for our presentation to learn more about our products and services. 

For more information, click on the logo on the right to be taken to Gestalt IT’s web site.


Networking Field Day 28
Friday, May 6 from 2 to 3 pm PST


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Kelly LeBlanc is Chief Marketing Officer for Pica8