Networking Field Day #28: Highlights And Coverage


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Pica8 participated in Networking Field Day #28 (#NFD28) in Santa Clara. Networking Field Day is a series of technical seminars hosted by tech consultancy Gestalt IT, and is part of the Tech Field Day seminar series. Designed to provide select technology analysts and personalities with product demos and information from some of the leading technology companies in the industry, Networking Field Day has quickly become one of the more important technology conferences today, drawing delegates both nationally and internationally, and live broadcast around the world.

While the in-person demos were limited in space to the invited delegates and vendors, the sessions were recorded for on-demand playback by the Gestalt IT media team. In addition, remote participants were encouraged to interact with vendors and delegates in real time by submitting questions and discussions via social media, providing another layer of interactivity.

Pica8-Group-sm-500x500This was Pica8’s second appearance at NFD, following a January session that marked a return to the first in-person events since the beginning of the pandemic. Senior Sales Engineers Neal Trieber and Lance Gallardo, with Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Mani Subramanian, demonstrated the Pica8 Enterprise Software Suite to great reception amongst the delegates. Pica8 had the distinction of being included on several show summaries by the delegates, including a “Bestie of #NFD28” listing. 

Networking Field Day Coverage from the delegates to date includes:

Jeremy Schulman, Principal Software Engineer, Network Infrastructure at Major League Baseball

Pica8 won his award for “Best Surprise.”

  • “If your company is struggling with getting network equipment due to supply chain shortages and you would consider using white box hardware, then take a look at Pica8.”
  • “A cool feature of AmpCon is the point-and-click interface. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before in a vendor product.”
  • “Pica8 CLI is “Junos like” with a complete transactional commit-confirmed-compare model. I found this in their docs. This is SO IMPORTANT for anyone doing network automation for config management.”

Dan Kelcher, Enterprise Network and Cybersecurity Solutions Architect at Meridian IT

  • “AmpCon includes everything I’d expect from a network management platform – zero touch provisioning, monitoring, config management, etc. It also includes some really cool automation capabilities right away.”
  • “The thing that I’ve found really, really cool about this is how this reminds me of when server virtualization was new.”

Girard Kavlines, Managed Services Systems Analyst at Helient Systems LLC

  • “But the real highlight is their licensing model, which allows one license to be run anywhere, anytime. That means you can swap hardware, have no limits on port size or performance, it’s a dream come true! With competitive software pricing Pica8 is on my radar and is a tremendous solution with a big payoff that can benefit any environment!”

Jordan Villarreal, Technical Advocate for NS1

  • “I’m pleasantly surprised about how feature packed their orchestration platform is and the automation piece caught my attention. It’s a Cisco DNA Center and Arista CloudVision counterpart. It’s drag-and-drop friendly.”

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For complete video broadcasts of Networking Field Day 28: