The Time Is Now To Consider Open Networking


Pica8 Orange Ferrari For Linked InWith industry-wide equipment shortages still being reported, and in many cases the time frames being extended, the time is now to consider other options such as open networking. Pica8 will be announcing a new product offering, bundling our AmpCon Network Controller software with PicOS Software Switches to simplify deployment on a wide choice of white box hardware. Open networking can open choices in a tightening market, and in many cases dramatically change the cost to performance calculation versus closed system vendors, with upgrades often times paying for itself upon deployment.

 Open Networking Is A Methodology, Not (Just) A Product

When you shop for a new car, how do proceed? Smart consumers will start with a list of features they are looking for, and then visit a few different vendors to compare models that can offer the features they desire. This way you avoid single-vendor lock in, and can be more assured of getting the features you want at a competitive market price.

Unfortunately, when it comes to networking equipment—which in many cases costs a lot more than cars—the purchasing process is often a one-step activity consisting of contacting your local Cisco salesperson to quote you a price on equipment, hopefully without waiting until 2023.

While many systems vendors are still battling supply problems, open networking hardware from the likes of FS, Dell and Edgecore Networks are available today.

“Networking market demands are vastly outstripping market supply at the moment due to global chip shortages, with little signs of improvement in the near term,” said Alan Fagan, Director of Sales North America, at EPS Global. “More and more, our clients are looking for realistic alternatives that can be sourced and deployed immediately. Open networking automation products deployed on white box hardware can be a great option at a price point any finance executive will approve of, and with a host of features that network engineers will appreciate.”

In Every Industry, Pay Attention To What The Industry Professionals Use

Going back to the car shopping analogy, the best piece of purchasing advice or information can be had by the preferences of the industry professional. Pay attention to cars that mechanics themselves own. It stands to reason the people working daily with these products will often have the best and latest information on what product is worthwhile. Additionally, they probably would have a deeper insight into issues like hidden long-term costs of ownership, something slick salespeople will overlook in order to close a deal at the customer’s expense.

While open networking tools can sometimes be fighting a perception issue of quality or reliability, within deep industry professionals open networking is no longer a novelty full of buzz words. Linux is now 30 years old and can be found in many industrial networking settings. You will be hard pressed to find any network administrator with a Cisco certification that doesn’t understand the tenets of open networking today.

Fight The Perception Problem With Open Networking

The networking industry is prone to being affected by trends just like any other industry. Sometimes in following trends, we overlook some things that otherwise might be obvious at second glance. When it comes to networking purchases, having choices can be the answer to whether your organization is setting trends vs. being a victim of one.

Network consumers waiting for products to ship could be wasting time if there are viable alternatives. Contact Pica8 today to discuss how open networking can provide a solution, sooner rather than later.

Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing Officer for Pica8