PicOS now compatible with Edgecore’s EPS120 (AS4625) series switches

We are delighted to announce an exciting development in open networking solutions: the compatibility of Pica8’s network operating system, PicOS, with Edgecore Networks’ EPS120 (AS4625) series switches. This collaboration combines advanced technology and robust design, offering network professionals a range of scalable and feature-rich options for IDC, enterprise, and campus access networks. This post explores the key features and advantages of this powerful combination.

High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet Switching

Edgecore Networks’ EPS120 Series switches are available in two models, the EPS 121 (AS4625-54T) and EPS122 (AS4625-54P), representing the latest generation of high-performance Gigabit Ethernet enterprise switches. Designed specifically for large retailers, campuses, and enterprise branches, these switches deliver reliable 1G switching performance, high data transmission bandwidth, and a large packet buffer to handle traffic bursts. Powered by the latest Broadcom Trident3-X2 chipset family and Intel Atom CPUs, the EPS120 Series switches offer improved switch control-plane performance, along with expanded RAM and SSD capacity.

Scalability and Flexibility

When paired with PicOS, these switches facilitate feature-rich, unified, and scalable 1G networks. This compatibility enables BGP EVPN-VxLAN deployments in enterprise and campus environments, enhancing network capabilities and facilitating seamless integration with existing infrastructures.

Seamless Deployment Options

Edgecore’s EPS120 Series includes two models tailored to different deployment scenarios. The EPS122 model features 6 x 10G uplinks and 48 x 1G downlinks, making it an ideal choice for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) wireless access networks, security applications, and campus networks. With non-blocking capacity, the EPS122 switch enables the power and connectivity of surveillance cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones using the existing Cat. 6/Cat. 6A cable infrastructure. The EPS121 model combines 48 x 1G downlinks and 6 x 10G uplinks, offering simplified and unified deployment across data and management planes in cloud data centers or enterprise data centers.

Simplified Network Management

By combining PicOS with the EPS121 model, network administrators can enjoy streamlined management across their network infrastructure. Acting as a management switch and running the same PicOS stack as the ToR, leaf, and spine switches, the EPS121 simplifies the operation, management, monitoring, and control of the entire network. This unified approach reduces complexity, improves efficiency, and enhances overall network performance.

Advancing Open Networking

At Pica8, we are dedicated to advancing open networking solutions, and our partnership with Edgecore Networks exemplifies this commitment. By leveraging the power of PicOS and Edgecore’s EPS120 Series switches, network professionals can unlock the true potential of open networking. This collaboration empowers enterprises to build networks that minimize operational expenses and total cost of ownership while delivering high-performance and scalable solutions.

The compatibility of Pica8’s PicOS network operating system with Edgecore’s EPS120 Series switches marks a significant milestone in open networking solutions. With high-performance Gigabit Ethernet switching, scalability, flexibility, and simplified network management, this collaboration equips network professionals with the tools to construct robust and feature-rich networks for IDC, enterprise, and campus access environments. Embrace the power of open networking and explore the endless possibilities with PicOS and Edgecore’s EPS120 Series switches.