The Benthic Sadness of Cisco Colony Collapse

Once upon a time, Cisco effectively was the networking industry, starting around the time I joined in 1989 to help the company put together its IPO. The cachet of being an early Cisco customer was very real, and, frankly, Cisco earned its moment in the sun back then, a moment that — to its full…

Why the Lights Just Dimmed at Cisco

In a clear echo of IBM’s ultimately futile efforts to cut costs in the early 90’s, October 5 was a watershed day for Cisco as over 2,000 of its best, and most senior, employees across the company took early retirement packages —technically, the Cisco Elect Program — and handed in their badges….

Tech Blog: Network Access Control with Open Campus Networks

Interest in intent-based networking (IBN) continues to grow, even as the definition remains vague and varies by vendor. In this post, I’d like to offer my take on one element that I believe will be important for any successful IBN implementation: efficient and effective open telemetry. Telemetry is…