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Cisco’s Very Big Conservation of Complexity Problem

Of all the tools in its ginormous account-control arsenal, Cisco holds solution “complexity” near and dear to its heart. Since its earliest days, Cisco has weaponized product complexity and applied it to pretty much everything from product design, to sales, and even to service and support. Examples...
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Days of Cisco Past (1989) – a New Hope

Having clearly reached that “Get Off My Lawn!” stage of a 30+ year career in networking, over the next couple of months I’ve decided to share some unfiltered “insider” observations about how Cisco turned from its late 80’s IBM-killer roots, with its well-earned reputation as the liberator of...
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Dating “Dos” and “Don’ts” from the IT Automation Survey

In my last post, I introduced Pica8’s new IT Automation survey. I discussed how the survey shows that digital transformation is driving IT’s focus on automation, especially how they manage automating remote sites. They are clear about their desired goals, and IT automation efforts are well...
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