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Enterprise Automation 2020 Survey - Part 1

It’s clear that IT automation is happening at enterprises around the world. But there are lots of areas within IT. Which are organizations automating first, which are last, and what’s next on IT’s automation playbook? To find out, Pica8 commissioned ReRez Research of Dallas, Texas to survey 200...
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Why We’ll Colonize Mars Before Cisco Understands Software

Over thirty years ago – ouch -- I joined Cisco as its very first marketing hire, tasked with giving them a more professional image than “Stanford grad students run amok” in preparation for their IPO. But during my six-year posting, I also got to witness Cisco’s first attempt to build an actual...
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Viable Open Networking Automation Solution Comes to the SLED Market

Automation is increasingly required to keep up with growing access network requirements, which are forcing organizations to add new switches and/or replace older switches with higher-capacity models at an accelerated rate. With precious few experienced network engineers and technicians in-house,...
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